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Excerpts from Scribbles: Thinking or feeling?

While i was on my bunk, a thought came that made me formulate a theory. I’ve been asking myself why did god created laws? to be followed? to be obeyed? Having a habit of not accepting the obvious reasons made me think that god made laws (because of the nature of the man, which god already expected) in order for it to be broken. My reason is if humans break rules they could come to the point of realization that they made a mistake, they will repent and will learn a lesson from it to become better.

Rules are made to be broken to make us..

Excerpts from Scribbles: Bunk #10

January 30, 2008 Wednesday 1916H

You don’t have to ask, this day is just the same day of those other days that is already written from the pages of these book. But there are some events in my everyday recurring life that would i call “commercials”. These commercials somehow spices up the dull flavor of my life.

“Your course is based on truth”. This is one of the phrases that will forever linger in my memory. The words came from Engr. Barayuga, our math instructor. Heard it while burning my brain cells to the seatwork she had given.

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